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The Ten Elements:  
  1. Your motivation  
  2. Your vision  
  3. Stakeholders  
  4. Impact Map  
  5. Your indicators  
  6. Make a plan  
  7. Collect data  
  8. Analyse information  
  9. Share information  
  10. Learning & Action  
Case study: The Surf Centre  
10. Learning & Action

Learning from your proving and improving process, and taking action to change for the better are essential. The process is yours to learn from, and therefore you can, and should, create changes based on what you have learnt along the way. After knowing about whether or not you are meeting certain quality standards, having the effects you intended, or living up to your values, you have an opportunity to change the way you operate, putting new ideas into plans, and making sure the resources to create change are in line. This can be both challenging and energising!

The Surf Centre’s Learning & Actions