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The Ten Elements:  
  1. Your motivation  
  2. Your vision  
  3. Stakeholders  
  4. Impact Map  
  5. Your indicators  
  6. Make a plan  
  7. Collect data  
  8. Analyse information  
  9. Share information  
  10. Learning & Action  
Case study: The Surf Centre  
6. Make a plan

After choosing what’s important to know, and therefore what to measure, the organisation needs to decide on its methods for getting the information or consulting with people. This will involve comparing the options based on the type of information you are seeking, the people you seek to consult and the time and resources that are available to get the job done. A reference chart, Ways of Asking Questions, in the measuring impact section is designed to help you make these decisions.

Case Study - The Surf Centre’s Plan
Gather Information