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The Ten Elements:  
  1. Your motivation  
  2. Your vision  
  3. Stakeholders  
  4. Impact Map  
  5. Your indicators  
  6. Make a plan  
  7. Collect data  
  8. Analyse information  
  9. Share information  
  10. Learning & Action  
Case study: The Surf Centre  
9. Share information with others

Communicating the results of a proving and improving process need not be as formal or rigorous as presenting your financial accounts, but organisations have a responsibility to be accountable to their stakeholders and enable them to further participate in the planning, implementing, and reviewing process.  Some organisations choose to engage in a formal social accounting/ audit process that brings more rigour to sharing this information.

The organisation should also include in its communication an adequate response to stakeholders’ concerns and interests, even if it does not agree to or comply with all of them. Here are some ways of communicating and enabling further participation:

Annual reports
Social/environmental accounts
An annual stakeholders’ meeting
Staff and trustees’ meetings
Funding reports
Marketing materials

Many of the methods and approaches explained in the Tools section of this website offer ways of reporting back to stakeholders on the issues being examined.

Case Study - The Surf Centre’s Share Information