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The Ten Elements:  
  1. Your motivation  
  2. Your vision  
  3. Stakeholders  
  4. Impact Map  
  5. Your indicators  
  6. Make a plan  
  7. Collect data  
  8. Analyse information  
  9. Share information  
  10. Learning & Action  
Case study: The Surf Centre  
1. Your motivation

Know why you’re proving and/or improving

Developing your ideas about what is important to measure frames the rest of the work that you will do throughout the proving and improving process. Lay out your priorities, and get the important people within your organisation together to discuss these and come to an agreement.

The tools chart: comparing proving and improving approaches can help by spelling out some of the available approaches to proving and improving.  These can help to identify the various tools and methods that would apply to your organisation, and to see which ones may not be useful given your circumstances and needs.

Case study - The Surf Centre’s Motivation