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Charities Evaluation Services’ National Performance Programme has
supported this edition of the Proving and Improving website.

The National Performance Programme is funded by Capacitybuilders’ and is led by Charities Evaluation Services (CES) in partnership with acevo, the New Economics Foundation, New Philanthropy Capital and Voice4Change England.


The toolkit offers a simple and straightforward route into an area which can seem complex and daunting. It is comprehensive while avoiding a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Jackie Scutt, Scottish Social Enterprise Academy (SFEDI Endorsement)

to the online version of Proving and Improving: a quality and impact toolkit for charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprise.

Here, mission-driven organisations can explore practical ways to measure their impacts and demonstrate the quality of what they do and how they operate.

Explore and Do…

  • Visit your personal advisor in my toolkit for a diagnosis on things to do straight away, things to look at now, and further areas to investigate.

  • Use my impact map to help you start measuring what matters.

  • Keep track of things that are useful or important to you using my toolkit.

Read and Learn…

  • Discover the benefits of quality and impact measurement methods-- and start measuring success.

  • The 10 Elements of ‘proving and improving’ to get started.

  • Measuring impact with practical guides to useful tools, a diagnostic tool deciderchart to help you explore which quality or impact measurement tool is most appropriate, and a special tools comparison chart to help you compare approaches in more detail.




Improving Support is an initiative led by Capacitybuilders that brings
together practical resources and learning.

First Edition supported by:


The resources here were originally developed by nef (the new economics foundation) as part of the Social Enterprise
Partnership (GB) Ltd. from 2002-2005: Providing social enterprises, social entrepreneurs, and mission driven
organisations with the knowledge, tools and resources they need to prove and improve their quality and impact. In 2009 the Capacity Builders National Performance Programme provided support to update the Tools section of the website, and promote the materials more widely to the third sector.

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