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The Ten Elements:  
  1. Your motivation  
  2. Your vision  
  3. Stakeholders  
  4. Impact Map  
  5. Your indicators  
  6. Make a plan  
  7. Collect data  
  8. Analyse information  
  9. Share information  
  10. Learning & Action  
Case study: The Surf Centre  
8. Analyse information

Analysing information you’ve collected throughout any proving and improving process can range from very simply drawing conclusions based on feedback to creating spreadsheets to hold information, so that you can look across various responses from different people. It can be done by one person and summarised in a report or it can done by a group of people as a basis for a discussion.  You can see this examples of this in the Measuring Impact area in this website.

Case Study - The Surf Centre’s Data Analysis
Gather information