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Online map

Welcome to your personal online impact map, please login to continue.

Use the tabs above to fill in each stage of your own impact map. With the descriptions as a guide, type into each box your own inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and impacts before moving to ‘view’ where you will find a link your new map. You can save this map and return to it when you need to make revisions, or print it out.

The impact map can be used in two ways:

For measuring, the map can be used the other way round, e.g. starting with the easiest things to measure and working up to the harder things and asking the questions, ‘Why is that important?’ and ‘How do you know’?

For planning, working backwards from the big picture change/impacts you want to see, back to the outcomes for individual people, to the outputs of your particular programme, to the activities, and finally what you will need (inputs) to achieve all of this.

Remind yourself…why is that important?

For every box in the impact map remind yourself, why is that important? Try and describe why each input, activity, output, outcome and impact matters. This ensures you are on track to achieve each next step.

How do you know?

This is the first step in obtaining evidence that something has happened or change has occurred. How do you know that an input has produced activities, that an activity has successfully produced a particular output, and that output has successfully brought about an outcome and an impact? Try and do this for each of the items you have listed in each of the boxes.