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In this section, you will find further information on useful tools that can help you prove and improve your organisation’s quality and impact. Please note that this is not a catalogue of tools, but a reference guide for resources and reading. Before reading through this section, visit tools for summaries of over 20 different tools and approaches and the tools chart: comparing proving and improving approaches.


Balanced Scorecard: In a week
Bourne M and Bourne P (Hodder & Stoughton) 2003
Summary: This book explains how to design and implement a management system that aims at organisational performance improvement, based on the idea of the Balanced Scorecard.
ISBN: 0340849452

Balanced Scorecard: Step-by-Step for Government and Nonprofit Agencies
Niven, P.R. (John Wiley & Sons Inc) 2003
Keywords: management, performance, scorecard
Summary: This book is aimed at making the Balanced Scorecard approach available to government and nonprofit agencies, in particular, but it could prove useful for social enterprises wanting to get a thorough understanding of this tool.
ISBN: 0-471-42328-9


Evaluation toolkit for the Voluntary and Community Arts in Northern Ireland
(The Arts Council in Northern Ireland, Annabel Jackson Associates) 2004
Keywords: evaluation, indicators, questionnaires
Summary: This toolkit goes through the various stages of evaluation and provides explanations of many of the key concepts and it gives templates for forms and questionnaires that can be adapted.
Download: VoluntaryCommunityArtsEvalToolkit

The Money Trail: Measuring your impact on the local economy using LM3
Sacks, J (nef) 2002
Keywords: monetary, effectiveness, impact, tool
Summary: This workbook guides the reader through the LM3 tool, that can be used to measure and prove how effectively different parts of the local economy are working and how to make them work better.
Download: The Money Trail


Prove It! Measuring the effect on neighbourhood renewal on local people
Walker, P et al (new economics foundation, Groundwork, Barclays PLC) 2000
Keywords: tool, evaluation, impact, regeneration
Summary: This handbook provides a method for measuring the effect of community projects on local people, on the relationships between them and on their quality of life. 
Download: ProveIt

RTD Evaluation Toolbox – Assessing the Socio-Economic Impact of RTD Policies
Fahrenkrog, G. et al. (eds.) IPTS Technical Series, EUR 20382 EN (ECSC-EEC-EAEC) 1990
Keywords: research & development, technology, evaluation
Summary: This report analyses the role of evaluation within the context of technology and Research & Development policy and structures. It also reviews evaluation methodologies.


The SIGMA Guidelines Toolkit – Sustainability Scorecard
Keywords: sustainability, management, scorecard
Summary: This document adapts the concept of the Balanced Scorecard (Kaplan and Norton, 1992) to assist organizations with the planning and the decision-making surrounding sustainable development issues.
Download: SIGMASustainabilityScorecard

Social Audit Toolkit
Spreckley, F (social enterprise partnership) 2000
Keywords: tool, social audit
Summary: This toolkit goes through the stages of a social audit, explains all the key concepts, and provides a comprehensive set of practical exercises.
ISBN: 0-9538674-0-4


Social Return on Investment. Valuing what matters
Aeron-Thomas D, et al (nef) 2004
Keywords: tool, social development, evaluation
Summary: This report shows how a tool piloted in the UK by nef can be used to measure the financial value of social and environmental as well as economic returns.
Download: SROI Valuing What Matters 

Strategic Performance Measurement and Management in Nonprofit Organizations
Kaplan R (Nonprofit Management and Leadership 11, No. 3, Spring 2001: 353-370)
Keywords: scorecard, measurement, management, nonprofit
Summary: This article attempts to explain how the Balanced Scorecard, a traditional measurement and management approach, can be applied in the nonprofit sector.


Theory of Change
Keywords: strategy, evaluation
Summary: It is a tool to design and evaluate social change initiatives by analysing the ‘building blocks’ required to achieve the desired change. It links outcomes to a specific intervention.

Translating Strategy into Action: The Balanced Scorecard
Kaplan R and Norton D (Harvard University Press) 1996
Keywords: measurement, performance, scorecard
Summary: In this earlier work, Kaplan and Norton developed a method to help businesses translate ideas into action. It is quite technical and aimed at a more specialized audience.
ISBN: 0875846513